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The adviser’s guide to digital marketing #4: two easy and free tools available to advisers

Get ahead with these two new (free) bits of marketing technology says Sam Turner, head of digital at ClientsFirst

What are they?

Marketing technology is evolving all of the time and we’re always on the lookout for the latest releases that can make a difference for our clients… particularly if they’re free!

Keyword Hero has caused a buzz within the marketing world recently. Keyword Hero allows you to put the missing data back into your Google Analytics, namely the ‘(not provided)’ section, which tells you which search terms people are currently using to find your website.

Hubspot Marketing Free is a free version of the popular marketing automation software. Whilst there are limitations (your data disappears after 7 days, for example), there are still many plus points and there is a minor upgrade to keep your data available at a very reasonable monthly price.

Why should my advisory firm be interested?

Having access to your keyword data in Google Analytics allows you to do a number of things. By seeing how people find you currently you can spot new opportunities for how people might want to find you in the future. For example, maybe you’re being found for searches around DB pension transfers, despite not having that much information on your site about how you can help. Maybe it’s time to create a page or a blog on that subject and be found by more people or help more of the people currently visiting your site to find the information they need. Getting access to keyword data has been a holy grail for marketers ever since Google removed it from Analytics. Keyword Hero solves that problem better than anything else currently available.

Hubspot Free gives you the ability to collect leads from your website in a more streamlined and efficient manner, with access to more data about who your lead is and what they did on your site. You can use the software to set up data capture forms, review what your new lead did before and after they filled in a form and coordinate with whoever handles enquiries within your firm on what needs to happen next. It’s a streamlined sales and marketing tool for firms who don’t want to spend on expensive versions of sales and marketing automation software.

How do I use it?

Keyword Hero’s free version gives you keyword data for your 25 most frequently visited pages. All you need is access to your Google Analytics account (ask your web developer if you don’t already have this – it’s useful even if you don’t want to use Keyword Hero). Just sign up for Keyword Hero at the above link, connect your Analytics and you’re away!

Hubspot will require some integration with your website, but even this is quick and easy and, if you’re on WordPress, there’s a plugin which will get you 90% of the way there. Again, your web developer should be able to help for limited expenditure Full disclosure: we work with Hubspot regularly, so if you’d like some help on proper setup, let us know.

Now what?

Start analysing your current keywords. How are people finding you? What does this tell you about the performance of your website? Have you done any Search Engine Optimisation work? Do these results tell you it’s working or not working? What content could you produce that positions you to attract more searchers?

In Hubspot, get started with some simple forms, but bear in mind that people are more likely to fill in your form if they’re getting something back. Think about your audience. What do they want from you? Can you give it to them, in the shape of a piece of content, for free (well… in exchange for them filling out a form!)? This is where the power of Hubspot can really be unlocked and the leads can really start to flow!

Sam Turner is Head of Digital at ClientsFirst, a digital marketing agency specifically for professional services firms. Visit: