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Live webinar: learn how Nick Clay is positioning the Newton Global Income Fund

A date for your diary: next week Nick Clay, Portfolio Manager for the Newton Global Income Fund, is explaining how he’s positioned the fund to navigate some of the challenges of today’s investment markets.

The live webinar takes place on 18th July, at 2pm.

The Newton Global Income Fund is part of the BNY Mellon stable and Clay is a vocal fund manager happy to express his opinions. Recently he described the idea of the global economy weaning itself off measures such as quantitative easing as “ridiculous”, with central bankers willing to step in the moment something goes wrong. Investors also expect it he said. The result of these actions has been to push up valuations of assets.

He added: “There is a cost to that support and that is lower returns and increased volatility.”

“One thing you can do is to try and trade that volatility – but good luck. These days unexpected events, like snap elections, make it difficult to build a repeatable process around such an approach.”

“Stability of returns is important to clients and in a world of risk and high valuations, it is ever more important.”

Register for the live webinar now.