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Why Introduce TorFX to your Clients?

As an independent financial adviser, it’s in your nature to introduce your clients to services that might benefit them – like those offered by TorFX.

At IFA Magazine, we’ve trusted TorFX to assist our members and their clients with their international bank-to-bank payments since 2013.

Why Introduce TorFX to your Clients?

  • As an IFA, you take care of your clients’ best interests – providing them with the most suitable, whole-of-market information to meet their financial needs.
  • Referring clients to TorFX is deemed as non-advisory, TorFX don’t give advice themselves either.
  • Your private and business clients can enjoy dedicated account management, with a best rate guarantee and no transfer fees.
  • TorFX conduct bank-to-bank transfers in 60+ different currencies, across 100 countries.
  • Trusted by 50,000 Private Clients and over 5,000 Corporate Clients
  • For 3 years running, TorFX have been independently voted Consumer Moneyfacts “Best International Money Transfer Provider” – “Customers were impressed by TorFX’s competitive rates, professional approach and hassle-free service.”

What’s in it for you:

Their service doesn’t just benefit your clients, this can also benefit you and your company. For every client you introduce to TorFX, you can choose to receive a share of the profit on every transaction they complete.

The profit share is available to you without detriment to your clients’ exchange rates. TorFX will always put your clients’ interests first and all rates and transactions are agreed and completed before any profit share is distributed.

Which of my clients can they help?

Private and business clients that need to make/receive international payments of over £100 (or currency equivalent) from one bank account to another in different currencies. For example, if your client is buying or selling property abroad, making international mortgage payments or sending funds to friends and family overseas.

Why refer your clients to TorFX?

Because if you don’t, your clients may use their bank to manage their international payments – meaning they could get landed with transfer fees and poor rates of exchange.


TorFX don’t charge any transfer fees and offer highly competitive exchange rates. They’re also able to offer a unique level of personal support and guidance.


Additionally, banks often try to cross-sell products you may be trying to organise for your clients.

Other reasons to refer:

  • Quick, simple service and 24/7 transfers
  • Transfer 60+ currencies across 100 countries
  • Personalised experience
  • No transfer fees, excellent exchange rates
  • Easy, GDPR compliant referral process

Who are TorFX?

TorFX have been operating since 2004 and employ over 450 financial services professions in offices around the world. They’re authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution and operate safeguarded client bank accounts in accordance with FCA rules, they also have the highest level of creditworthiness available with Dun & Bradstreet.

How to Get Started

  1. Activate your own referral account here
  2. Once registered, log into your referral account and enter your client’s details securely and in line with GDPR.
  3. TorFX will contact your client within 30 minutes (during working hours) to discuss their requirements.

Could this service be useful to you personally? Try it for yourself!

To let us know you’ve found this article useful, enquire with us from this link and we will be in touch shortly.

Get in touch:

TorFX currently provide individual support to over 5000 advisers; whether you’re in wealth management, insurance, mortgage and protection, expatriate advice, to legal firms and business consultants too.

If you’d like to receive this support – or if you have a client this could be relevant to right now – get in touch with the TorFX Partnership Team on 01736 335740 or

Could this service be useful to you personally? Try it out yourself!

To let us know you’ve found this article useful, enquire with us from this link and we will be in touch shortly.

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