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Improved ESG and climate risk reporting from Scientific Beta

  • By Andrew Sullivan
  • News

The smart beta index provider has announced the release on the Scientific Beta platform of enhanced Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and climate risk reporting that aims to assist investors in meeting the challenges and seizing the opportunities of incorporating ESG dimensions into passive investment management.


Commenting on the new reporting suite, Professor Noël Amenc, CEO of Scientific Beta, said, “We are proud to be presenting cutting-edge ESG and climate risk reporting that is available for all of Scientific Beta’s indices, including our ESG and Low Carbon indices. Climate risk reporting is particularly important in the factor investing space, because factor strategies often have larger carbon footprints than cap-weighted indices.”

Scientific Beta’s enhanced ESG reporting includes over a dozen reports covering ESG Norms and climate change. Offered on a complimentary basis and available not only for ESG indices but across the entire index offering, it provides excellent pre-selection and ongoing transparency on index exposure to ESG issues at the top of institutional investor concerns. As such, it facilitates the incorporation of ESG dimensions in investment analysis and decision-making as well as performance measurement and reporting.

Scientific Beta recognises the diversity of investor motivations justifying the incorporation of ESG dimensions into investment selection and management and its enhanced ESG reporting is designed to serve the needs of ethical and socially responsible investors as well as those of business-case ESG investors.

 The white paper describing the enhanced ESG analytics that are available on the Scientific Beta platform and illustrating how to use these to assess index-based investments against ESG standards or, where relevant, to proxy exposure to ESG risks, can be accessed via the following link:
Scientific Beta Enhanced ESG Reporting – Supporting Incorporation of ESG Norms and Climate Change Issues in Investment Management

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