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Ingenious react to government’s electric vehicle proposals

  • By Andrew Sullivan
  • News

Following the news that the government is to pump nearly £40m into improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles despite a sharp drop in hybrid car sales, Sebastian Speight, Managing Director of Infrastructure at Ingenious, spoke to IFA Magazine.


“There is a justifiable concern about the drag on the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK due to the limits on the speed of rolling out the associated charging infrastructure.

“There are currently a number of market participants developing and implementing strategies for rolling out charging infrastructure but there is also a reasonable degree of uncertainty about the future patterns of consumer behaviour which creates a level of risk in these business models which has a closer fit with strategic or venture capital rather than more traditional infrastructure capital.

“These uncertainties are around the technology type (AC versus DC), charging location and fear of stranded assets and convergence of operating systems. A closer involvement from public stakeholders should enable greater visibility on these risks and increase the availability of private capital.”

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