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Paraplanning in the Spotlight | October Issue

  • By Sue Whitbread

How many times do we hear those same old grumbles from those in the financial planning profession – and many others too – that the financial planning message is simply not getting across to the Great British public?

The power of paraplanning

Just as Financial Planning Week puts financial planning in the spotlight, this edition of IFA Magazine has its spotlight on paraplanning – which has firmly established itself as such an important part of the financial planning process. We’re very grateful to all the experts who have kindly shared their ideas and opinions on paraplanning in this edition and for writing so passionately on the subject. It is clear that paraplanners are a very passionate bunch, bringing a whole new dimension to the world of financial planning and advice. The entire financial planning process becomes more robust and scalable as a result. By allowing the advisers to focus their time and efforts on what they do best, which is building and nurturing client relationships, this brings huge benefits to the financial planning business and ultimately to clients too. Now that is win-win!

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