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Professional Bodies in Financial Planning: CISI – the 2019 Perspective

  • By Jason Stockwell

It’s been just over three years since the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) took on the role as a professional body to financial planner s following the merger with the IFP in 2015. We ask Jacqueline Lockie, head of financial planning at the CISI, to highlight what plans there are for 2019 to help members grow their knowledge, skills and competence and to build the profession

As 2019 gets underway and we are all over our winter illnesses and bugs (I hope), attention turns to putting more detail on the CISI plans to continue to build the profession of financial planning. We are seeing more and more wealth managers and investment managers turn to financial planning and more financial advisers taking on cashflow planning tools to develop a more comprehensive financial planning service for clients. By now you have all probably given thought to segmenting your client bank and reviewing the cost effectiveness and appropriateness of the services you offer to your clients as a result of FCA’s Product Intervention and Product Governance Sourcebook. For those of you who also offer a discretionary fund management service, you are probably seeing the fruits of many months hard graft in the disclosure of costs and charges for that service.

The Paraplanner Perspective

Here at the CISI we have already built a strong programme for the CISI annual Paraplanner Conference in June this year – with a clear emphasis on using case studies to enhance technical knowledge and engage in debate. But we’ve not forgotten about the need to support the many paraplanners who want to learn how to speak-up at the office and engage with business owners to improve the quality of advice given to clients. Paraplanning is such a fun element of the financial planning profession with many younger people becoming interested all the time so we have built into our Conference some fun activities along the way.

Financial Planning Conference

Our Financial Planning Conference, 30 Sept-1 Oct will also have a different flavour than in previous years and I believe will provide thought leadership and best practice to grow our profession.

Talking of growing the profession, one of the most exciting and new initiatives we have here is the CISI Financial Planning Mentoring Scheme with over 40 individuals already involved as either mentors or mentees, all doing their bit to support growth in our profession. We also have two large technical service providers offering free technical help on a wide range of subjects, doing their bit to support the growth of the profession.

CFP Certification – the qualification to build financial planning skills

We all know that financial planning sits at the centre of every client relationship. However, many financial planners do not have a clearly defined, robust and repeatable financial planning process. For those of you who are already CFPTM professionals you know that the CFPTM process helps give an independently verified structure and guidance on that, thereby helping you build a sustainable financial planning service. 2019 will see the introduction of the new Certified Financial PlannerTM exam and assessment pathway. The quality of feedback on the financial plan assessment will also be improved to help support those going through the process. This brings the UK version of the CFPTM assessment in line with other countries around the world. With the training support and workbook, courses and videos that will be available, it will give entrants clear guidance and support to pass the assessment and join the other 175,500 CFP professionals around the world. This is the first significant release of the CFP assessment pathway since its introduction in the UK by the Institute of Financial Planning in 1995.

Don’t Forget The Roots

Adding to all of this, there is great work going on at the grass roots level in the CISI branches all around the UK with a financial planning representative on most committees helping build in good quality financial planning content at a local level. Do keep an eye out for some of the things we have planned and watch this space for more as the year goes on.

About Jacqueline Lockie

Jacqueline is the Head of Financial Planning at the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI). She has worked in the financial ser vices sector since 1988 in technical and training roles and also as a financial planner.

She is a Fellow of the CISI and holder of the internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner Licence, for which she was one of the first examiners in the UK.

Jacqueline was previously Head of Training at the Association of Investment Companies and Director of Training and Education for the Institute of Financial Planning, where she designed, wrote and delivered new courses for financial advisers wishing to enhance their investment and planning skills and paraplanners to learn the methodology of financial planning.

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