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Record pressing plant Dublin Vinyl announces equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs

  • By Andrew Sullivan
  • News

With vinyl sales at their highest in 30 years, Irish startup Dublin Vinyl is setting its sights on North America and Japan. The plant began manufacturing vinyl for the music industry in January 2018 and is already working with some of the world’s biggest independent and major record labels.


To date, €1.2 million has been invested in the business which currently employs eight full-time and four part-time staff in its 9,000 square foot facility in Glasnevin, North Dublin. The plant has a capacity to produce up to 20,000 records per week with plans to triple that over the next 12 months.

Initially launched as a B2B company servicing local and international record labels and distributors, it soon became apparent that there is huge demand to manufacture and supply vinyl directly to the consumer.

“Within a couple of months of launching, we experienced significant demand from vinyl fans to buy albums directly from the plant”, says co-founder and CEO, Hugh Scully. “In response to this, we expanded our label partnerships and our record subscription club,, was born. Each month we ship essential albums directly to our members across the UK and Ireland and it’s growing very quickly.”

“We see a unique opportunity to now capitalise on this demand. We intend to triple our production capacity and also expand the reach of our direct to consumer offering into the North American and Japanese markets.”

With fulfilment centres in Belfast and Dublin, the plant now offers direct-to-fan services to its label clients by manufacturing, warehousing and shipping directly to consumers all over the world.

This fundraising round will see Dublin Vinyl increase its manufacturing capacity at its Dublin plant and expand its D2C services into North America and Japan. The company is also a client of Enterprise Ireland’s High Potential Startup (HPSU) programme which is supporting the development of the business.

The Dublin Vinyl campaign is currently in pre-registration and goes public on on Friday 19 July.

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