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Spotlight On Exchange-Traded Funds | Feb 2019

  • By Jason Stockwell

The use of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has been growing in popularity across the globe amongst professional advisers, asset managers and investors for many years. Investing in ETFs provides an effective and alternative approach to using unit trusts, OEICs or investment companies, with their low cost structure providing considerable appeal. This is particularly important given today’s regulatory climate and also as part of the drive to reduce the overall costs of running an investment portfolio

Given the growing interest in passive investing, and the considerable efficiencies and transparency that the use of ETFs brings to asset allocation and investment management, the importance of this dynamic investment class cannot be overlooked by advisers, investment managers and paraplanners looking for effective investment solutions for clients’ portfolios.

In this light, this special supplement focuses on particular aspects of advisers’ use of ETFs and includes articles with expert insight and opinion on some of the practical considerations involved.

From the considerable detail which was discussed during the round table session, we have summarised some of the key points into three of the articles which feature in this supplement. The articles on pages 10 to 17 all relate to the discussions held at the round table event.

From the discussions we can conclude that ETFs have become more sophisticated and can be used for exposure to a range of different themes and factors in a low-cost, liquid way, all of which underpins their appeal. With ETF issuers providing effective passive vehicles and also doing the deep research into the individual stocks held within other funds, it is clear that their popularity appears to be set to grow still further in 2019 and beyond.

We hope you find this supplement of interest.

Sue Whitbread
IFA Magazine

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