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EQ Positive Impact Portfolios added to Novia Global platform

  • By Georgie Davey
  • News

The range of Positive Impact Portfolios, from the boutique wealth manager EQ Investors, has been added to the Novia Global offshore platform.

EQ told IFA Magazine that the portfolios pair an investment approach which not only aims to deliver an attractive return, but is also committed to making a positive contribution to society, or the environment. The firm said that the portfolios have outperformed their benchmark each year since their inception in 2012.

Run by EQ’s Head of Impact Investing, Damien Lardoux, the portfolios contain typically 10-15 sustainable and impact funds, covering a range of styles, asset classes and fund management groups.

Lardoux said: “We are experiencing considerable demand for the positive impact approach from external advisers. It’s great to extend the portfolios availability to international advisers and their expat clients. Novia Global is also a good option for UK based advisers looking for multi-currency model portfolios either for onshore or offshore clients.”

Alex Kay, Institutional Business Manager at Novia Global added: “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with EQ Investors on the Novia Global platform. EQ will add an exciting new dimension to socially responsible investing within model portfolios via the platform with their Positive Impact Portfolios. We are continually looking at ways of enhancing our proposition, and the addition of EQ with its multi-currency offshore domiciled range of Positive Impact Portfolios we feel is a perfect complement to the platform.

“Many intermediaries we come across are being directed by their clients to view not only environmental and socially responsible investing as being imperative to their investment goals, but also to identify funds and solutions that enable their investment to help firms play a pivotal role in solving global issues”.

The Novia Global platform launched to market in October 2015.

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