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Weekend press review

The Sunday Times reports that Alison Rose is set to become the first woman to run one of the big four lenders if, as expected, she takes over at Royal Bank of Scotland.

Another article tells how Seedrs shares have been suspended as its reserves dwindle to £6.2 million.

The litigation funder Burford Capital is in the dock over how it judges profits, and last week its entire business model was dealt a severe blow when American research firm Muddy Waters branded it as “arguably insolvent”.

It claims that Hargreaves Lansdown is milking child savers, and says that it must end its “distasteful profiteering from customers who keep cash in their Sipps or Isas.” It adds that “It is time for boss Chris Hill to prove he is interested in making customers richer too.”

Couples with one partner above state pension age and the other below could lose up to £7,000 p.a. unless they claim pension credit by Tuesday, while they explain how easy access savers could pocket £4.8bn with a notice account. Not each, it turns out…

The Sunday Telegraph goes to war to save the public from “dreadful unregulated investments”, and reports that City grandees are backing the campaign.

They also report on what they call “the renewable energy con”, and go on to explain how the ‘clean’ power you buy comes from fossil fuels.

They explore how, on the cusp of a golden age, AstraZeneca shares might look expensive but are a buy, and they investigate the six largest ‘dog’ funds that unwitting investors still own and ask “do you?”

The Mail on Sunday leads with the clash between Western Power Distribution and Labour on a buyout plan. “Consumers will suffer insists energy giant…as it hands its US owner £300m divi”.

Reporting on the medical staff pension/tax furore, the paper comments that our pensions need urgent reform – to reward thrift, not punish it.

Their Woodford section asks “When are you going to act, Mr Watchdog? As the Woodford Investment drama worsens, the outlook for investors looks grim”.


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