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4 reasons that enable the Side by Side Partnership to create better returns for investors

The Side by Side Partnership gives us an insight into EIS and growing bigger companies along with better returns for investors

1. Later Stage Companies

Investing in later stage EIS qualifying companies – ones that already have a successful product or service and are looking for growth capital for expansion or to introduce a new and disruptive technology. Expansion that takes them beyond ‘scale-up’ and into full-scale commercialisation. This means that we are investing in more established companies, and looking for greater long term returns than others.

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2. Unrivalled expertise

The Side by Side Partnership’s managing partner, John Bailye, has an outstanding track record of achieving this in the US, where he grew a start-up business into a billion-dollar public company with 3500 employees.

John has personally invested in 14 early stage US companies and five in the UK. He has also been heavily involved in and co-invested in several turnarounds in US private equity firms.
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3. Side by Side with the companies we invest in

Side by Side builds strong relations with the companies we invest in and gives them the time and guidance needed, which is why the Partnership will never invest in more than 8 companies at any one time. Side by Side also invests our own money into every company to ensure we are fully aligned with our investors.

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4. Unusual fee structure

We are so confident that our approach works that we will not take any success fees until the investor has had 160% of their investment returned to them…and that excludes the tax benefits. We believe that this performance hurdle is the highest in the EIS Fund market. Our investors also pay no initial fee, administration fee or annual management fee so they retain 100% of their EIS benefits.
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We believe that we are unique in the approach we take. It is an approach that offers advisers genuine choice when recommending EIS funds to their clients…a different approach compared with the rest of the market and led by a technology veteran who has a track record of success.
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