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Monitoring your managers and the importance of mandates

Monitoring your managers

The PPMG Manager Oversight team has created a rigorous set of procedures to underpin the ongoing monitoring and management of the various underlying investments within the PruFund proposition. Adrian Gaspar explores.

The primary role of the team is to ensure the continued suitability of underlying managers. They also assess whether the mandates and funds held in Prudential’s multi-asset portfolios are performing in line with expectations. Discovering a manager is outperforming in what may be unfavourable market conditions would trigger as many questions as periods of underperformance.

As you know, performance is not guaranteed and the value of an investment can go down as well as up. Your clients could get back less than they have paid in.

The due diligence process combines quantitative factors, including measures of performance and holdings analysis, with qualitative analysis focused on the business, people, process, philosophy and infrastructure….

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