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General Election 2017: Remainers, here’s your chance, don’t squander it!

City Editor Neil Martin argues that the time has come for remainers to shake off their shackles and vote for freedom.  

Half of the population didn’t want Brexit, right? So, faced with May’s volte-face on the fact that five years means five years (or, do we really expect politicians not to be the most cunning of opportunists?), now’s the chance for those disenfranchised from Europe and common sense to hit back and organise the biggest protest vote for generations.

Forget the Tories, forget Labour, forget the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, and vote Liberal, the one party that promises to test again the British day of lunacy when we collected on the cliff edge and took a step over. The Liberals are the only party who are promising the electoral a second referendum, when Brits can once again come to their senses and vote Remain.

We must not let this opportunity pass us by – we must stand up and be counted. The Tory grandees are stuck in the land of Just William and Dad’s Army; the Labour apparatchiks re-playing the The Likely Lads until the tape runs thin; whereas the Liberal party are singing the sweet hymn of reason and freedom.

Who cares if most of us don’t know who leads the Liberal Party (for the life of me, I can’t recall his name, although I was a big fan of Cleggy, his predecessor); who cares if Liberals seemingly have policies which no-one understands; and who cares if they made the biggest political mistake in supporting Cameron over students fees and shot themselves so convincingly in the foot.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man (whatever that bloke is called).

I say run to your ballot paper, pick up your pen and scrawl a huge cross next to the Liberal party candidate, whoever he/she is and whatever they stand for. This is your chance, your moment, your place in history.

Now is your chance; don’t waste it!

Oh yes, and in a nod to my position as a non-biased observer, please do consider the Tory and Labour positions.