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Thursday newspaper share tips: Marston’s, Greene King, Monks

  • By WebFinancialGroup

(ShareCast News) – Investors’ worries about the impact which inflation will have on Marston’s and Greene King are overstated and the shares are cheap, The Times’s Tempus said.
They are well-positioned in the market, well-funded relative to their peers and their brewing operations are proving successful.

A night or a meal at the pub are not going to suddenly break the bank, the tipster mused.

Nor is the drop in Sterling an issue for them.

There was nothing worrisome in Marston’s end-of-year trading statement.

Furthermore, the brewing side of the business reported a 13% jump in sales volumes, the tipster said.

Trading on ten times’ 2016 profits the stock is cheap, Tempus said.

A falling pound means investing abroad is more expensive, but investment trusts that are trading at a discount may offer a way out for investors, The Daily Telegraph’s Questor said.

Scottish Mortgage Investment trust is one such option, but it tends not to trade at a discount and takes large stakes in firms.

Monks on the other hand had recently been trading at a 10% discount, Questor pointed out.

Fully 46.1% of its assets were in the USA, 15.8% in Europe and the rest in other regions such as Japan and emerging markets.

Part of the reason for that discount may be that it has underperformed its benchmark over the past 10 years, the investment column said.

However, the new management team in place may help to trim that discount and the trust’s ongoing charge is reasonable.

Buy, Questor said.