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10 Things all IFAs can do to improve productivity & increase protection

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1. Get the best tech support

Access to a UK service desk for quality remote support and highly skilled on-site engineers on hand, on time and on location when needed.

2. Embrace cloud computing

Maximise use of Microsoft’s Office 365 productivity apps – flexibility for your entire team to work securely from any location or device and collaborate effectively.

3. Utilise secure collaboration tools

Exchange online provides efficient secure email across your organisation and fully synced services enable Sharepoint online and Zee drive to give your team easy cloud based sharing and access to files.

4. Sync your IT hardware & telecoms

Guided procurement means you get the most efficient and cost effective equipment. IT can be fully supported and synced with internet based telecoms – increasing productivity and reducing costs.

5. Work smarter with training

Staying ahead of the tech curve is not easy when you have a busy business to run, but investing in training and education on tech tools means you and your team will work smarter, not harder.

6. Outsource your cyber security

Ensure you protect yourself and your clients through managed Antivirus, Cryptoware & Ransomware Protection – with a trusted partner.

7. Encrypt all your company & client data

Protecting your data from hackers whilst active and at rest, ensuring your company and client data remains safe and secure.

8. Adopt a future proof firewall

Antiquated on-site Firewalls could be putting your network at risk, whereas a global Firewall-as-a-Service solution is continually updated and covers your entire network, all traffic, all devices, all locations.

9. Ensure your backup plan is air-tight

Peace of mind that all your data is automatically backed up. Cloud-to-cloud backup automates, encrypts and stores all your data in a compliant UK data centre with simple restore capabilities.

10. Have a solid disaster recovery plan

Leading Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service solution that ensures your business can be back up and running quickly and painlessly in the event of breakage, accident, disaster, cyber attack or data loss.

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